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The fundamentals of our business, and our approach to yours.  Let us show you how our teamwork, trust, and loyalty can help with your businesses's Human Capital Management

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Never get bogged down with paper work or wonder where that file went ever again. With SNF Payroll’s Cloud based technology, all of your employee files can be organized and stored in one convenient spot.  Replace the clutter of filing cabinets and the liability of incomplete paperwork with electronic on-boarding, employee forms, and updates.  Automated processes allow HR professionals to focus on the important decisions, and not get distracted with remedial administrative tasks.

Improperly paid employees and miscalculated overtime can cost businesses millions of dollars in back pay and liquidated damages.  Cases can be brought going back two and even three years at a times.  SNF Payroll clients are paired with a designated relationship manager to assure that hours are being paid properly, and all records are preserved and available when they are needed.  This allows potential claims to be put to rest in a much shorter time, saving money in judgment and legal fees.


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Teamwork, Trust, and Loyalty (“TTL”) are the SNF Payroll guiding principles.  Our TTL principles govern all of our interactions, both within our team, and how we relate to yours.  We believe that each company is unique, and we take a personal interest in understanding your labor force. With your organizations needs in mind we take a hands-on approach to designing, implementing, and servicing your custom payroll and HR solution.



HR News

RSS California Employment Law

  • Effective Performance Reviews in a World of Instant Gratification March 22, 2019
    In a world of instant gratification, double tapping, and asking Siri for the answers to your burning questions, the concept of an annual performance review is pretty much as “over” as MySpace. Would you wait a calendar year before telling your surgeon they botched a recent procedure? Or a year to complain about bad service...
    Sahara Pynes
  • It’s Back — DOL Proposes New FLSA Overtime Rule with No Impact in CA March 10, 2019
    Do you remember all of the hoopla back in 2016 when the Department of Labor published new overtime rules, and then at the last minute, after everyone did audits (and many reclassified), the rule was halted?  We wrote about it here. Now the Department of Labor has proposed a new set of rules, setting the...
    Nancy Yaffe
  • Carriers Benefit as FMCSA Preempts California’s Meal & Rest Break Laws March 8, 2019
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced that it was exercising its authority under federal law to rule that California’s meal and rest break laws are preempted and cannot be enforced against interstate motor carriers. The FMCSA’s ruling was in response to a petition filed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the...
    C. Fredric Marcinak III

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