Diversity Training

Diversity employee training needs to involve your entire staff. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes tend to individuals from all walks of life. Just as in any type of work environment, it’s important to treat everyone as a team member. Sexual harassment or treating someone differently based on age, gender, race, or sexual orientation is illegal. To make sure your training programs get off the ground, our HR Cloud-Based Software & Payroll Services platform can track who attends training sessions, has completed training, and complies with its principles.


SNF Payroll System Features

Our system provides applicant tracking, time and attendance features, and manages employee benefits. It is also useful for evaluating employee performance. Up-to-the-minute reporting and analytics ensure all information is accurate. When it comes to inclusion training, sensitivity training, and learning to work with people of differing backgrounds and abilities, SNF Payroll allows you to precisely track employee behavior based on pre-defined metrics. It also helps manage other human resources tasks such as calculating payroll taxes, analytics, and decision support.


How an HR Analytics System Can Benefit Your Business

The reporting tools, forms integration, record keeping, and employee support system in SNF Payroll allow HR professionals to focus on other business- and healthcare-related tasks. Information can be added and edited with no hassle and is therefore accurate and up to date. Plus, our cloud-based payroll solution saves time and labor.


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We are always focused on Teamwork, Trust, and Loyalty. Regardless of the unique needs of your healthcare business, our services can be customized accordingly. To learn more how we can meet your HR and diversity training needs, call 844-200-1870 today.

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