SNF is the only payroll/HR service provider specializing in the nursing home industry, that combines people and technology to provide tailored solutions for our clients.

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From Hire to Retire our SNF Payroll’s HCM tracks the employee life cycle in one place...

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A major focus at SNF is to help our clients become and remain compliant with all state and federal labor laws...

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With wage an hour suits on the rise, keeping accurate and easily accessible time and attendance

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(for Owners) SNF Payroll was founded by leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our collection of knowledge.

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Let Us Shoulder the Burden

Never get bogged down with paperwork or wonder where that file went ever again. With SNF Payroll’s cloud-based HR platform, all of your employee files can be organized and stored in one convenient spot. Replace the clutter of filing cabinets and the liability of incomplete paperwork with electronic on-boarding, employee forms, and updates. Automated processes allow HR professionals to focus on important decisions and not get distracted with remedial administrative tasks.

Improperly paid employees and miscalculated overtime can cost businesses millions of dollars in back pay and liquidated damages. Cases can be brought going back two and even three years at times. SNF Payroll clients are paired with a designated relationship manager to assure that hours are being paid properly and all records are preserved and available when they are needed. This allows potential claims to be put to rest in a much shorter time, saving money in judgment and legal fees.

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Drive. Ownership. Integrity. Teamwork. Trust

These are our core values and the principles that drive us. We value the uniqueness and individuality of each company we work with, and our team collaborates with yours to understand the needs of your organization. With this in mind, we take a hands-on approach to designing, implementing, and servicing your custom payroll and HR solution. Our mission statement is: Advancing Labor Management in the Healthcare Industry by leveraging Teamwork & Technology.

You can, therefore, have an HR management system that suits your company’s specific needs. Whether your goals include improving productivity and/or employee satisfaction, reducing employee attrition, onboarding talent, or strengthening relationships between employees and managers, we can tailor our software to your requirements. Our team is experienced in all aspects of HR and can address any human capital challenge your organization is facing.

A Complete Human Capital Management System

A Complete Human Capital Management System

Every business needs a dedicated system to manage payroll processes and employee records. With SNF Payroll’s cloud-based HR software, a complete system to manage time and attendance is available to provide full visibility of work hours, late arrivals/early departures, and absenteeism. The payroll software allows an error-free approach to running payroll, managing payroll taxes, or conducting a performance review.

Don’t rely on QuickBooks payroll or accounting software to manage your HR needs. SNF Payroll’s HR solutions make running payroll simple even for small businesses. Create org charts with ease and gain insights to predict employee churn, assess the capability of your workforce, and perform capacity analytics. All metrics can be viewed on a centralized dashboard to track performance and identify areas for improvement, so your business can function more efficiently.

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