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Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities spend a great deal of time on payroll. With SNF’s HR cloud-based software and payroll services, you can simplify administrative processes, benefits administration, time tracking, and payroll tax filing—not to mention avoid outsourcing to a payroll company. A streamlined process helps ensure tax compliance, avoiding unnecessary expenses down the line.


SNF Payroll System Features

Running payroll has never been easier. Our online payroll software integrates with your existing payroll solution and provides:

  • Unlimited columns and instant gross-to-net calculations
  • Access to HR forms, templates, and guides
  • Reporting and analytics with export tools

In addition, employees can access pay stubs and other information via their mobile devices and set up direct deposit. The system also connects to 401(k) providers and supports wage garnishments and automated child support payments. It also calculates workers’ comp premiums, handles deposits, and files reports. From tax forms to tax payments, our cloud solution ensures accurate record keeping and compliance.


Benefits to Your Business

Our payroll system provides general ledger integration and employee self-service features, form templates, and reporting tools, reducing hours of work. It ensures all information is accurate. Information can be added and edited with ease. Plus, our experts are always ready to help when you need it.


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Focused on Teamwork, Trust, and Loyalty, we can provide companies with tailored payroll solutions and take the time to understand your business and industry. Your business will even be paired with a designated client specialist to ensure the system works as expected. To learn more, call us at 844-200-1870.

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