Labor Management

Labor management is a critical part of human resources. The relationship between employees and management helps ensure the proper skills are being used where needed, all job activities are coordinated, and worker activity is consistently tracked. SNF Payroll’s HR cloud-based software & payroll services platform provides a labor management system that tracks the employee lifecycle in one centralized location.



Why SNF Payroll Is Right for Your Business

Labor law applies to every healthcare organization, whether in a clinical setting, a hospital, or nursing home. Our cloud-based system helps ensure employees are paid for all hours worked. It also makes records available from one place so they’re accessible whenever needed. Should a claim arise, evidence is immediately available to avoid legal expenses and judgments; and internally, you can effectively administer employees and track grievance procedures.

Detailed analytics helps streamline labor management and HR. Using a centralized dashboard, you can track employee performance and capabilities, and find areas for improvement. You can also see all work hours and track late arrivals, early departures, and absenteeism as well as predict employee turnover. The system also effectively helps manage scheduling for your entire staff, reducing manual work and helping improve productivity.

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