Cloud-Based Nursing Home HR and Payroll System

Running a nursing home comes with many challenges. Managing resident care is just one part of the equation. Social services, finances, maintenance, and food services are all managed by different departments. Our HR cloud-based software & payroll services system helps human resources manage all of these from a centralized location.

SNF Payroll System for Nursing Homes

An integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) system tracks the employee lifecycle, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time running your assisted living or skilled nursing facility. It eliminates the hassles of paperwork and reduces the risk of error whether organizing files, onboarding employees, or handling patient records. Your staff can therefore spend more time providing higher quality senior living.

Our system helps track time and attendance and includes payroll processing features to ensure all workers are paid correctly and on time. It also helps submit accurate information to avoid claims and expensive penalties. A powerful analytics system identifies employee strengths and weaknesses and helps create detailed performance reviews.

Benefits of HR Analytics Features

Our nursing home payroll system simplifies administration so clients can focus on providing quality care services. It is tailored to each client’s needs with real-time data availability, automation, and decision support. From paying overtime to accessing forms and templates, to managing employee benefits and record keeping, the platform is highly precise. It even includes an employee support system to reduce the load on your administrative staff.

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At SNF Payroll, we design, implement, and service customized cloud-based nursing home HR solutions. We can help your long-term care facility run more smoothly. To learn more about the features and benefits of our solution, please call 844-200-1870 today!

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