Human Resources Management

SNF Payroll is proud to offer a cloud-based human resources management system that helps nursing homes and other healthcare facilities reduce the amount of time spent on administration. Each implementation of our HR software is tailored to the individual customer’s needs. From organizing electronic files, to viewing real-time data, to providing decision support, our system provides a full automation solution.

Features and Benefits of Our Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Our payroll platform for human resources handles electronic onboarding of employees, ensures they are properly paid, and receive overtime. It provides on-demand access to HR forms, templates, and quick guides. Your HR department can also receive up-to-the-minute alerts as well as powerful reporting and analytics.

With a Human Capital Management (HCM) system, each employee’s life cycle can be tracked from one place, from applicant tracking to the moment they’re hired, to when they retire. The HR Resource Center helps your business remain compliant with all applicable labor laws. From workforce management to managing employee benefits, the system takes a load off on HR professionals with busy schedules.

The cloud software solution provides highly accurate and precise record keeping. It includes tax compliance features that reduce the workload in your HR department. There’s also a full-featured employee support system that can be accessed via workers’ mobile phones

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