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Are you a nursing home or healthcare facility manager in need of payroll process improvement ideas? If so, look no further than these ten tips. Armed with our ten top tips on how to make payroll easier, you’ll be the talk of the board room in no time at all.

Step #1 Stay Compliant

Compliance may seem expensive, but non-compliance is far more so. Improving payroll services and operations is a great way to sharpen compliance. How?

  1. Get Tactical: Set up a strong daily audit, budget, and scheduling payroll process.
  2. Get Strategic: Align labor to meet internal PPD budgets daily.
  3. Tighten Controls: Curb overtime and report findings to management weekly.

Step #2: Form a Plan

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Start by mapping the current payroll processes. Next, identify how to make payroll easier by identifying risks, errors, and issues in the process. Following this, transform your list of payroll process improvement ideas into actionable deliverables. Finally, create a project plan with the aim of improving payroll services and operations.

Step #3: Maintain Regular Training

Education on procedures that impact the payroll systems is a great way to generate feedback on how to make payroll easier. Getting creative with infographics or a monthly newsletter that nudges staff into making better payroll choices is a guaranteed winner. Or, providing formal training that reinforces responsibilities is a sure way to generate payroll process improvement ideas.

Step #4: Seek Employee Input

Try conducting town hall meetings for employee input. Why? Seeking input into the payroll process—i.e., what works and what doesn’t—in a town hall setting is a great way to elicit payroll process improvement ideas. Or, try a questionnaire to encourage further participation. A questionnaire gives you a goldmine of payroll process improvement ideas and/or unique insights into how to make payroll easier.

Step #5: Align Your Different Pay Schedules

Running multiple pay schedules is not ideal for you or your employees. An aligned one-time only payroll process is a bulletproof payroll process. Why? An aligned payroll process cuts the question of how to make payroll easier in half.

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Step #6: Learn New Information

Payroll management is mission-critical to business operations and employee satisfaction. Why? You manage one of the most important aspects of employees’ lives—i.e., their pay! That’s why you should seek to constantly educate yourself on ever-changing laws and regulations relating to the payroll process.

Step #7: Conduct Regular Audits

Complaints or errors are signs that your payroll system is operating at a suboptimal level. Regular audits should do the trick. How? By conducting regular workflow analysis, you can readily identify issues at each payroll process phase. It also helps you to respond to any changes by understanding your process inside out.

Step #8: Outsource Your Payroll Process

Professional service companies can save you time, money, and add extra value such as enhanced compliance oversight across the payroll process. Outsourcing is about more than simply lessening your workload. You are actually empowering yourself by taking steps to engage experts in the management of critical compliance and technology issues.

Step #9: Upgrade Your Technology

Technology is the future. Streamlining payroll management with state-of-the-art technology not only decreases time spent but also ensures the process is more accurate.

Step #10: Adopt New Payroll Management Software

An end-to-end payroll management software solution could be both a great time-saver and a needed boost to your payroll processes. Cap in the compliance and risk management benefits coupled with easy integration, and your payroll process will be like a well-oiled machine.

Top providers should always offer features like gross-to-net calculations, templates, guides, and reporting tools. Other benefits you should look out for include ledger integration, and they should always reduce your workload, hours, and effort while being user-friendly.

Now that you’ve got the tips on how to improve your payroll process, it’s time to take action. A great place to start is by checking out SNF Payroll to make payroll more time- and cost-effective.Contact us today at 844-200-1870 or