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It’s no secret that employee engagement is a massively important factor in driving employee performance. In fact, companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

However, when times get tough, even top organizations can find it tricky to keep employee engagement levels high. In particular, 2020 has been a difficult year, especially for healthcare workers. So, here are some employee motivation and engagement strategies to see you through more difficult times.

Check-In on Their Wellbeing

If you don’t already have an employee mental health and wellness program in place, now would be the perfect time to implement one.

When employees are given the time and space to look after their wellbeing, they are better able to provide care for others. Resources might include subscriptions to wellness apps, virtual yoga workshops, remote counseling services, and more.

Team-Building Projects/Activities

Many teams have been forced to work in a remote environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From casual interactions in the office to team excursions, they are now missing out on traditional team-building events.

Many team-building activities can be conducted in a remote environment. Try using a digital meeting platform like Zoom to run quiz nights, games, and activities to help keep team spirit high during difficult times.

Engagement Survey

The best way to find out how to keep your employees engaged is to ask them directly. Build a survey to collect feedback on:

  • How employees are currently feeling
  • What they think would help them stay focused and engaged
  • Ideas for team-building events or wellness programs

Prioritize Communication

It’s very easy for employees who are working from home to begin to feel isolated. Plus, important communication and information can no longer spread through typical in-person, word-of-mouth interactions.

business woman using laptop to online meeting in video conference

Whether your teams are working remotely or not, it’s a good idea to create more open channels of communication. You can do this digitally with a team messaging app like Slack, by holding regular virtual meetings, or by increasing the frequency of in-person team meetings.

Acknowledge Small Victories

When times are tough, it can make all the difference to acknowledge even the smallest of wins earned by your team.

Try running weekly awards or prize initiatives on both the individual and the team level. It can be something as small as a voucher for coffee or a half-day off, but it’s a guaranteed way to show your employees your appreciation.

Have the Right Tools in Place

Creating strategies to build trust and improve employee engagement will inevitably require the use of technology. The good news is there are tons of free options out there, and any paid plans are well worth the investment. Tools should include:

  • Instant messaging
  • Virtual meetings
  • Digital collaboration tools
  • Project management software

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