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To be successful, any business must have an effective means to store data. Paper documents will pile up as your business grows, making storage costly and creating challenges in organizing and locating files when you need them quickly. Digital storage avoids the pitfalls of paper documentation; our cloud-based payroll/HR software avoids having cluttered filing cabinets, losing information, and making costly mistakes.

Paper does not provide the means to use data effectively. A digital file system benefits every type of business in the following ways:

Saves Space

Digital drives don’t require bulky file cabinets. As your business grows, it will need more cabinets, which take up vital space. Storage drives and servers certainly take up less room. If you outsource IT infrastructure, then your data can be hosted on the provider’s servers, so the space overhead is reduced even more.

Time Efficient

Digital file storage allows you to create and send reports, request missing documents, and set rules and parameters for handling outdated documents in a few simple steps. The ability to track and search for more visible, accessible data saves time while the workflow involved in reporting and auditing is reduced. An overall increase in visibility speeds up many business processes, so your organization can operate more efficiently on many levels.


Paper files can be easily destroyed in, for example, a fire or flood. Years of documents can be lost instantly. Digital files also can be lost or destroyed, but they can be backed up and recovered. Data can even be backed up in multiple locations.

If you store data on in-house servers, your company has direct control over security. Using SOC-2, Type-2-certified, HIPAA-compliant HR document storage software can prevent accidental deletion and physical destruction of files. By working with a reputable data storage company, your data will be protected with the latest cybersecurity technologies.


An online data storage service eliminates the cost of managing in-house servers and other IT systems. You save on maintenance costs and can perhaps downsize physical space so you’re not spending on additional square footage. Less personnel for managing paperwork or electronic hardware are required, so switching to a digital filing system can significantly cut operating costs.

Ease of Access

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If remote access is permitted, users can access data from any internet-enabled device if they have a password. Administrators can control who can do or see what. Files and data uploaded into the cloud can be located quickly using techniques such as keyword searches. User-friendly interfaces allow for fast copying and saving of data as well.

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