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Employee engagement is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. Everyone knows it’s important but not many can pin down exactly what employee engagement is or why it’s worth spending time and energy to develop employee engagement strategies.

Maintaining a highly engaged workforce can either make or break your organizational performance. The level of engagement among your employees affects everything from customer satisfaction to operational efficiency and talent development.

So, what is employee engagement exactly, and why is employee engagement important?

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the level of commitment displayed by your workforce to individual roles and responsibilities, their peers and colleagues, and the company culture.

For example, a highly engaged employee is one who:

  • Gives high energy and commitment to every task
  • Works effectively and collaboratively with peers and colleagues
  • Focuses on learning and development to self-improve
  • Is highly dependable and consistent
  • Enthusiastically embraces employee engagement activities

On the flip side, a disengaged employee encompasses those who:

  • Feels unmotivated and uninspired by their role
  • Has high levels of absenteeism or punctuality issues
  • Misses deadlines and dislikes working with others
  • Does the bare minimum

Why It Matters to an Organization

The truth is that the blame for poor levels of employee engagement lies squarely at the feet of senior management. If employees are disengaged, then organizational structures and policies likely need to be dusted off and re-examined.

Cultivating employee engagement should be an organizational objective because of the huge impact poor engagement can have on the bottom line. Here’s why employee engagement is important in an organization:


It’s not surprising that highly engaged employees are far less likely to look around for greener grass. Retention rates are massively impacted by engagement levels, which means far less staff turnover and massively lowered recruitment costs for your organization.

In fact, employees who feel satisfied and find purpose1 within their role are three times less likely to leave your company for other opportunities.

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Keeping your workforce members engaged with their roles, with the organization, and with each other makes it far less likely for your staff to experience the dreaded burnout. They’re also far more motivated and focused on their day-to-day tasks.

All this leads to increased productivity in your workforce. Research shows that organizations with high levels of employee engagement2 experience 21% higher productivity rates than those with low engagement rates.

Plus, not only are your employees more likely to be productive, but the quality of the work produced by more engaged employees will also shine through.


It becomes far more difficult for the organization to communicate with disengaged workers because, if nothing else, they’ll start to tune you out.

A highly engaged workforce, on the other hand, is attentive to company updates and implements new policies and change with enthusiasm.

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