Healthcare HR

Nursing homes and healthcare businesses spend a lot of time and energy on human resources management. SNF Payroll is a healthcare payroll system that simplifies administration and is tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry. Our HR Cloud-Based Software & Payroll Services platform ensures all information is accurate and available when needed.

Powerful reporting and analytics are available on demand, along with HR forms, templates, and guides. The Human Capital Management (HCM) system is capable of tracking an employee’s entire life cycle. It aids in compliance with laws such as HIPAA rules and the Affordable Care Act. Precise record keeping takes the burden off medical professionals. The system provides employee support features and aids in tax compliance, whether it’s calculating employer tax or income taxes. All payroll data are available from a centralized location at any time.


Why SNF Payroll Is Right for Your Business

By simplifying healthcare HR processes, the system allows individuals responsible for patient care to focus on their jobs. It automates Social Security and Medicare payroll processes to manage withholdings. Whether tracking employee performance, time and attendance, or compliance, SNF Payroll reduces the amount of work, ensures information is accurate, and allows data to be easily added and edited. Employee self-service features save a great deal of time as well.


Let Us Customize Your Payroll System

We understand the needs of clients in the healthcare industry and will take the time to see how our cloud-based HR system can be tailored to your business. Our specialists work with nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities across the continental United States. Call 844-200-1870 to speak with an SNF Payroll representative and get started.

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