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If there’s anything every organization finds challenging, it’s keeping HR and payroll running smoothly—and that’s especially true in the nursing home industry. One reason for this is the high turnover of staff. Not only does it keep HR on their toes, but it also complicates payroll.

This is where human resource management software (HR software) comes to the rescue.

What Is Human Resource Management Software?

HR software is software designed to facilitate the easy management of human resources. It combines a number of HR processes and systems to help you efficiently take care of a number of functions, such as (among others):

  • Recruitment
  • Storing and managing employee data
  • Managing payroll
  • Benefits administration
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee performance management

Software that is able to handle the entire employee lifecycle (from hire to retire) is called human capital management (HCM) software. Having these tools is the best thing you can do for your nursing home business, as they take away the headaches associated with poor and outdated HR management processes.

Need for Payroll and HR in Nursing Facilities

Let’s take a closer look at the dire need for payroll and HR in nursing facilities. This will help you appreciate the need for automation and help you pick the right automation software for your needs.


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Staffing is one of the biggest challenges faced by nursing homes. The talent pool is shallow, so getting great employees is not easy. Add to that the high turnover rate and staffing becomes a headache for most nursing homes—but not if you have good HR software.

Not only will you be able to manage a large database of candidates for recruiting purposes, but it will also help you with other aspects of employee management.


With the rules and regulations governing the nursing industry always changing, it can be difficult to maintain compliancy. Fortunately, this is another advantage of having great HCM software, as it helps you keep up with current regulations and best practices.

For organizations running nursing homes in different locations, adhering to the different tax regulations in those regions can be a nightmare. Great payroll software allows you to integrate geo-tax locations into your employees’ profiles. The software will then do all the calculations for you.

Multiple Pay Rates

Due to the nature of the business, running a nursing home requires that you employ different staff members on different pay grades. Not only that but, in some cases, some shifts and duties demand that you adjust an employee’s rate (shift differentials and overtime.) All this is a recipe for a headache, as you’ll have to work tirelessly to reconcile all the data before running your payroll. However, a good HR software with an advanced payroll function allows you to easily set different rates to incorporate your shift differentials into each employee’s pay.

Do You Really Need Payroll/HR Services Help?

As long as you run a team of employees, human capital management is something you can’t avoid. From time and attendance tracking to tax calculations and compliance, and everything in between, a good payroll/HR service will help you do this efficiently. If you’re in the nursing home industry, SNF is your best bet for all your HR and payroll needs. Not only is it the only payroll/HR service provider specializing in the nursing home industry, but we tailor solutions to meet your exact needs.

So, go ahead and get in touch. We’d love to talk HR and payroll with you.